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Underground Fitness Club

Underground Fitness Club is coming to Leeds!

We are so excited to finally announce that Trailblazer are opening a club! Not a ‘gym’ but a fitness club! This is a dream we have had for years and we have found the perfect venue to make this dream come true. 

Since Trailblazer started we have always wanted our own base but we didn’t want it like any other gym… we are Trailblazers and just like everything we do we want to make this different to everyone else. The concept is that we are building this place to feel like a night club! Yes that’s right a real club! Mixing fitness, Thai boxing and boxing pad work creating classes with music and lighting to give you that real club feel. I know others put on fitness classes with music but this is being specially purpose built. Not a hired sports hall with some curtains and a weak stereo system. 

We have the 3,000 sq ft basement of St Catherine’s Mill in bramley just next to Monster Kids. We have been looking at this place for over a year and what we love is that even though it is a basement it doesn’t feel like one. It has 7 huge brand new windows, walls and ceilings have been ripped down and rebuilt and it is massive! It just feels perfect!! 

We are working with club lighting specialists and sound engineers to bring you an incredible sound system with some awesome club lighting and special effects. There will be a DJ set up and 3 sets of lights to choose from depending on the type of class. There are 100 spot lights in the ceiling for a sleek daytime look and 100 meters of LED strip lights built into the ceiling. These lights are controlled through WIFI to change the colour of the whole place and create an ambience for other types of classes and then there are club lights for a full on club experience. Not all classes will be all singing and dancing, that’s why we have 3 sets of lighting.

I used to make dance music and DJ in the 90’s and spent 20 years travelling around the world partying, getting high with my friends and other DJ’s so I know all about the buzz of a club night, getting off it and music. These days of course I get high through fitness and I recognise the association between the buzz you get from one of our classes and the buzz I used to get in a club so I wanted to bring them both together. For the first time ever I am bringing all my skills and past experiences together, DJing, lighting, music and now fitness and design to create the ‘Trailblazer Underground Fitness Club’. During the day we will be doing PT’s and running various new classes and then in the evening the place will come to life! Extreme Thai Pads will be back bigger and better than ever with some new awesome ideas and features.

We will be getting other instructors on board too to showcase their talents and to put on other classes like Clubbercise, Yoga classes, Hip Hop workouts, Reggae workouts, Drum and Bass workouts, Body Combat and much much more! We will rotate the classes like a club flyer having special guests and DJs. So if you are an instructor and would like to be involved then please get in touch or tag any instructors. 

We will also be working with schools to put on after school clubs for children and other kids classes too and we will be working with older people for more chair based exercises classes. We will also be working with deaf people to put on special classes that are controlled by lighting, this is something that has never been done before. We will also be hiring the venue out to dance groups to use for their classes so again get in touch early if you want to know more and to be involved. 

Trailblazer is a Community Interest Company and we want to help as many people in the community as possible to feel good through fitness and well being so if you want to be involved in anyway then please get in touch. I will be posting photos and videos over the next few week showing the progression of the build and we are hoping to be open in the next 4 weeks… hopefully for my birthday on the 4th of July! So guys… I am buzzing as I write this… ladies and gentlemen we bring you the “Trailblazer Undergound Fitness Club”.

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