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About Us

Trailblazer Fitness Leeds has helped 1000’s of people achieve their goals from weight loss, fitness and mental wellbeing. We believe that fitness should be fun and it should be for everyone of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

What we do

We bring fitness classes, bootcamps, boxing and community events to real people – old, young, families, singles, school kids and teachers. We do it in a fun, friendly and buzzing atmosphere. We make people look and feel great. We get results (see some examples here). And we get people and their kids out there, loving and living their best life.

Something for everyone

Everyday there’s something you can join in with. Every single day. From free Stair running on a Sunday to a full on abs and pads indoor boxing The formats suit all ages and abilities. So you can come along to any class and get stuck in. From your first session you’ll feel like one of the tribe. We’re all friendly. We’re all welcoming. No scary gym intimidation here, just full on fun and fitness.

What happens at a Trailblazer bootcamp?

You will be greeted and welcomed with a big smile.

We always start each session with a good warm up and stretch which is aimed at getting your body ready as we gradually increase your heart rate this is when people already start to remove the outer winter layers.

Then each season is different. We have our own bespoke workout formats which have proven results of sustainable weight loss with people losing over 5 stone in just one year. We mix it up with boxing, body weight exercises, high intensity interval training, abs and core work, team games, running and lots of fun. Our workouts are designed to be suitable for everyone with easy and hard ways to complete each session and every exercise has modified ways of doing them to make sure that everyone gets the most out of every session.

Some of our unique bespoke workouts:

Boxing bootcamps. Antony has over 20 years experience training and teaching Thai boxing and he uses his experience and knowledge to come up with some amazing boxing bootcamps.

The ring of death. Boxing based workout mixing boxing, body weight exercises and running.

The ladder of hell. Circuit based workout where you work your way up the ladder which gets harder the closer you get to the top.

Hurricanes. We have designed our own high intensity interval training workouts and named them all after hurricanes. Look out for: Frank, Bertha, Katrina, Hugo, Luther, Charlie and more!

10/10 circuit. We take circuit training one step further with this unique format and we do it different at every park. Using the full park to create a massive outdoor circuit.

Action hero. Boxing based workout where you work your way up the course learning a 10 punch combo to take on the boss at the top.

Extreme Thai pads. The clue is in the name. This class takes fitness to another level. A unique all over body workout based around Thai boxing pad work and drills. Designed to burn fat, build lean muscle and get you super fit. The after buzz of this class is immense.

161 Killer Stairs. This is our free outdoor training session that has been running for 4 years now. Stair running has so many health benefits, it is an awesome workout for lower body, bum and legs. You burn twice as many calories running stairs than just normal running. Anyone can do it and its free!

Please get intouch if you have any questions 07525 822491

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