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Trailblazer in schools

We are really passionate about fitness within the family, particularly children’s fitness and it is our aim to be involved with as many schools as possible, spreading the Trailblazer message that fitness is important, fitness is for life and fitness is FUN!

We work with schools around Leeds, from primary to secondary as part of both curricular and extra curricular activities. We make fitness fun with our bespoke workouts, from full sports days to termly fixtures of weekly hourly sessions. And if they’re brave enough, sometimes we train the teachers too.

What we do:

For the younger ones:

• Get children moving with a mix of our bespoke and traditional team games.
• Focusing on the ABCs – Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed.
• We support children’s in school learning on the importance of keeping active.
• Fully engage children with lots of questions and answers
• Show children just how much fun keeping fit can really be.

For the older ones:
• Boxing sessions
• Circuits
• Bespoke Trailblazer workouts
• Fun competitive team games

Some of the schools we work with:

School Fitness Classes

Fitness in Schools

fitness in schools leeds

School Fitness Bootcamps

School Fitness Bootcamps leeds

kids fitness classes Leeds

The latest figures, for 2015/16, show that 19.8% of children in Year 6 were obese and a further 14.3% were overweight. Of children in Reception, 9.3% were obese and another 12.8% were overweight. This means a third of 10-11 year olds and over a fifth of 4-5 year olds were overweight or obese. One of the main reasons for these figures is that children just are not moving enough! They are spending too much time sat in front of the TV, X boxes or tablets. We show children that fitness can be fun and encourage them to get moving, get out side and have fun.

Since Trailblazer Fitness began we have always encouraged parents to bring their children along to our bootcamps. We have lots of parents that choose to bring their children along and it’s really heartwarming to see them working out together, for us this was a natural progression to be involved with schools and getting as many children as possible running around, having fun and loving fitness.

Want to get your school blazing a trail? Please get in touch.

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