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Wake up your bum!

Wake up your bum! (or you could do squats all day and end up with nothing but sore thighs!) Bottom, buns, peach, boootaaaay!! Whatever you want to call it, we all have one and...
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The greatest exercise secret EVER!

We want to share with you the greatest exercise secret EVER and it’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to exercising. Before we let you in on it, let’s just look...
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A brain boosting workout

A new report recently featured in the Telegraph shows how physical education boosts the brain. Researchers from the University of Granada, looked at the effects of physical education on children and found that youngsters...
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Trailblazer Halloween Trick or Treat Trail 2017

Halloween for the kids. Our biggest event is back! The Trailblazer Halloween Trick or Treat Trail 2017! We go big time on Halloween and we turn a full park into a fully themed Halloween...
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