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Trailblazer Trick or Treat Trail 2016

Another ‘crazy’ seed of an idea of Antony’s that finally materialised in October 2015.

Hanover square was where the fun first began for Trailblazer boot camps back in April 2014 and Antony had a wonderful vision for this park which was to fully decorate the whole place and invite everyone for a family Halloween ‘Trick or Treat Trail’. After numerous meetings with Leeds city council Antony was granted permission to hold the event on 31st October 2015 and the organisation began!


After months of hard work and late nights involving promotion, organisation, collecting and receiving hundreds of donations of pumpkins, sweets and decorations from all over Leeds the Halloween event was a huge success with over 1000 people attending on the night. Families came from near and far (dressed amazingly) for the occasion and had the most fantastic night. So much so that when Halloween 2016 crept closer the organisation and preparation had to be much tighter to cater for the huge demand from the previous year and of course so we could make it bigger and better. Tickets were needed to ensure we didn’t go over capacity but this meant that we could have two waves for the event giving more people the chance to come along and enjoy the evening.

Having seen the success of the previous year, we had an abundance of people offering to volunteer for the event. More helping hands came in very useful when the time came for setting up the park during the day of the event.

We wired up a sound system around the park playing spooky sounds and music which, coupled with the fantastic decorations, the clever features we constructed and the amazing volunteers who had all dressed up all contributed to the fantastic atmosphere throughout the evening.

At the beginning of the trail there was a huge ‘Web wall’ between the trees that people could stand in front of for an awesome photo opportunity. A little further on the trail, underneath a canopy of bare blossom trees became our incredible ‘Bat cave’, we hung hundreds of hand made bats from the branches, the effect was brilliant! As the trail continued we constructed a ‘Spider tunnel’ covered in web and spiders children were invited to walk through in order to receive sweets at the end for their bravery this was a very popular attraction. Just next to this was our ‘zombie battle zone’ we had our own assault course set up so children could run, climb and crawl through avoiding being caught by the zombies. At the top of the park was our incredible ‘Graveyard’ volunteers had hand crafted some amazing tombstones, there were bones lying around and the children had to search amongst the leaves and bones for hidden sweets, this kept them happily busy.

On the astro-turf square at the centre of the park we set up some fairground type activities which were opportunities for the children to win more sweets. We had a ‘Spooky Hoopla’ set up where children had to throw glowing rings around the glowing bottles. They could try their luck with our ‘Tin can alley’ the children had to knock down all of our spooky painted cans with beanbags for another sugary prize. We had traditional bobbing for apples and perhaps the most popular attraction out of all the fair games was the ‘Witches stew’ this was a huge tub of green goo and gloop (spaghetti) that required the kids to roll up their sleeves and dig around to find eyeballs which they could trade in for sweets.

All the children left with beaming faces and overflowing treat buckets and parents left congratulating, thanking and asking us about next year!!

So…. by reigning success and continued popular demand we will see you at the Trailblazer Trick or Treat Trail 2017!!

More details will follow later in the year.

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