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Classes & Bootcamps

We really don’t stop. There’s a Trailblazer class or bootcamp Every. Single. Day. Come to the same one or mix it up. We make sure the classes are different each week so you’ll use different muscle groups, increase your overall fitness, and best of all never get bored. Come join us and see what the buzz is all about.

Outdoor Bootcamps

Outdoor classes are always on. Rain, cold, dark. Nothing stops us. We light up the spaces, and we get so hot that the winter layers come off – even in freezing temperatures. You’ll love it. Nothing beats exercising in the fresh air.

Monday: Morley – Dartmouth ParkFIND OUT MORE
Monday: Bramley ParkFIND OUT MORE
Tuesday: New Farnley Cricket ClubFIND OUT MORE
Tuesday: Middleton ParkFIND OUT MORE
Wednesday: Horsforth – Horsforth Hall ParkFIND OUT MORE
Thursday: Western Flatts – WortleyFIND OUT MORE
Thursday: Rawdon – Micklefield ParkFIND OUT MORE
Friday morning: Pudsey Queens ParkFIND OUT MORE
Friday evening: Pudsey Queen ParkFIND OUT MORE
Friday: Hanover SquareFIND OUT MORE
Saturday: Kirk Lane Park Yeadon / GuiseleyFIND OUT MORE
Sunday: Stair RunningFIND OUT MORE

Indoor Classes

Wednesday: Extreme Thai PadsFIND OUT MORE
Saturday: Ladies Only BoxingFIND OUT MORE
Sunday: Abs, Pads and Circuit ClassFIND OUT MORE

We mix up every session with boxing, bodyweight exercises, high intensity interval training, circuits, running, abs and core work, team games and fun! Every session is suitable for everyone with easy and hard ways to complete each workout. We have our very own bespoke workout formats with proven results to sustainable healthy weight loss with people losing over 5 stone in just on year! Come and join us and see what the buzz is all about.

Some of our bespoke workouts:

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