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1,000,000 charity stair run for the Little Hiccups

The 1,000,000 stair run for The Little Hiccups.

We don’t stop thinking and one of Antony’s crazy ideas was to try and run 1,000,000 stair run one day and that’s what we did.

‘As the Sunday stair running group grew I met a group of parents who all had disabled children and they had created their own group called ‘the little hiccups’. They did regular fund raisers to buy their children equipment and they were wanting to do a fund raiser to buy some all terrain wheel chair buggies so they could take their children to places you could not normally access in a normal wheelchair like the beach or through woodland so I came up with the idea of trying to run 1 million stairs in one day to raise money for them. So I got onto it and I designed posters, banners and Facebook pages and promoted the event. Lots of people laughed at the idea and said it could not be done but we had 250 people turn up throughout the day and between us we ran 1.2 million stairs and raised enough money to buy them 2 of the all terrain wheelchair buggies. The Sunday session then went nationwide on the TV and in the newspapers.

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